Condray & Young Services for Topeka, KS

Our company offers a wide variety of landscaping and groundskeeping services for Topeka residents and business owners. In addition, we will gladly tend to your gardening needs if you live in Lawrence, Hoyt, Meriden, Tecumseh, Auburn, Perry, Dover, or Wamego. Below, you will find the complete list of services provided by Condray & Young.

Landscape Maintenance

Our highly-qualified landscape maintenance crew is more than capable to transform your property into a land of magic and wonder. There is more to landscaping than owning a home which has a great view – your landscape must receive a complete makeover to stay green, thrive and be aesthetically breathtaking.

Our landscape maintenance services include:

  • Ornamental bed maintenance – give your garden color, contrast, depth, texture, and fragrance.
  • Natural pruning – give your shrubs and trees a clean aspect, sustaining their health
  • Formal shearing – the best way to maintain the aspect of your ornamental shrubs.
  • Spring and Fall cleanups – keep your lawn and yard clean during Fall or Spring.
  • Disease and pest control services – because your lawn’s health is our greatest concern.
  • Mulching – one of the most vital steps every lawn owner needs to take before anything else.
  • Seeding – prepare your lawn for the next year.
  • Mowing – a complete makeover for your lawn mixed with timely maintenance and health support
  • Fertilizing – ensures deep root growth and pest/weed control
  • Parking lot weed control – maintain the neat and clean aspect of your parking lot.

Lawn Care Services

We are more than willing to take care of your lawn, and our high-quality services will ensure that not only your lawn stays the main envy-subject of the entire neighborhood, but that it will be green and healthy all year long. Our company offers you services such as:

  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Seeding, Sod, Aerating

Landscape Installation

Are you interested in transforming the old backyard into your personal haven? Then our landscape installation services are just what you need. Whether you want a new foundation landscape, or are tired of your old and cracked patio, we are willing to provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Our landscape installation services include:

  • Landscape design. Our professional landscape designers will draw out the plans for your new space using computer-generated environments. By using our powerful landscape design software, we can show you how the project will look like once we’ve finished it.
  • Landscape installation. Our top-notch landscape installation offer includes tree and shrubs installation, sod, new seed lawn, mulch, gravel, and landscape renovations.
  • Landscape lighting – want to truly create an atmosphere in your backyard sanctuary? Then we could help you with our top-quality lawn illumination systems for beauty and night safety.


Because no backyard is complete without hardscapes, our company offers a wide variety of hardscape installation solutions. Hardscapes are not only practical, but they also add more value to your property.

These are the hardscape installation solutions provided by Condray & Young:

  • Paver patios – Belgard, Unilock and Pave Stone.
  • Modular concrete retaining walls – Versa-Lok, Pyzique, and Belgard.
  • Dry stack walls –  Limestone
  • Fireplaces.
  • Fire pits.
  • Outdoor kitchens.

Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Our company is more than qualified to repair, maintain, design, and build from scratch professional irrigation systems. Condray & Young holds multiple licenses in this field, including the City of Topeka Master Irrigation Installer and the Certified Backflow Technicians.

We offer the following irrigation services:

  • Irrigation Repair 
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Backflow testing

Snow Removal Services

When winter unfolds, don’t wait around for the local school kids to clear your driveway. Our employees are more than willing to help you shovel away and remove the snow from your home’s critical area. Our snow removal techniques are time-honored and efficient, and our de-icing substances are eco-friendly and don’t damage hard surfaces.

Don’t waste any more time! Call today for a free estimate and enjoy our year-long services.