Why Choose Us?

All residential and commercial clients know that first impressions are of utmost importance, just like a neat, clean and sparkling green property is for the eye and the mind. But in our day and age, people don’t have the time, the patience or the expertise to tend to their lawns and landscapes all year long on a daily basis. And let’s agree: if you want to have professional dental services, you go to the dentist, not the mechanic, don’t you?

It’s the same with lawn care and landscape maintenance: why waste time, money and risk achieving poor results when you can hire a team of professionals to do all jobs at half the time and half the budget?

We are not content with doing everything by the book because we always aim for perfection. Our undying passion for nature and our willingness to accommodate your needs are the best business cards a company could have.

Are you still not convinced? Then here are ten more reasons why you should choose Condray & Young instead of our competitors.

1. We Have the Education and Expertise

Prior to starting any kind of project, our staff is properly trained and debriefed by our experts. Groundskeeping may be indeed regarded as a form of artistic expression, but we also know how to use science to our advantage.

Our landscape maintenance and lawn care techniques have been devised after countless hours of research and lab work. Our staff’s continuous education and expertise guarantee only top-quality services.

2. Personal Services

Remember that our services offer isn’t written in stone, and we are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. All our services are fully customizable to meet your needs.

3. No Long Term Contracts

You don’t need to come down to our headquarters to sign a pile of paperwork written in legalese. Just tell us what to do, when to begin, and that’s the end of it. We personally vouch for the quality of our services, and if you’re not satisfied, you can always have your money back.

4. Standard Of Excellence

We employ only the most effecient equipment, and we stock up only on the best components. If you want to find out more about the quality of our work, just look us up on Google and Yelp or ask your neighbors.

5. All Our Specialists Are Licensed

Our crew is comprised of certified specialists, whom we screen and interview before employment. We only work with people who are passionate about what they do.

6. We Are Insured

For the duration of the project, your house and your property will be insured by our company. Our ironclad insurance covers every foreseeable circumstance.

7. We Have Been in Business for 13 Years

We did not obtain those high-quality results over the night. Since our company was founded, we have spent the time bettering ourselves and improving the quality of our services.

8. We Care About the Details

Most lawn care companies care about getting the job done quickly and often overlook those small details. For us, there’s nothing more important than your well-being and complete satisfaction. Our team will clean-up, take out the trash, and lock the front gate when the day is over.

9. We Put the Customer First

Your opinion always matters to us. At Condray & Young, the customer always comes first. To this end, we will do everything in our power to accommodate your requests and deliver the projects according to your specifications.

10. We Provide the Best Solutions for Your Lawn, Trees, Landscape, and Irrigation

Our lawn care and landscape maintenance services are the results of years of work and research, so you can be sure they are excellent. We also vouch for keeping the prices low, at all times, so you can enjoy our services without having to dig deep into your bank account.

Do you want to give us a run for our money? Nothing easier! Ask for a free estimate, meet the team and challenge our staff with an amazing project!