Topeka, KS Holiday Lighting

There is nothing better than  the Holidays.  Food, Family, Celebrations.  We believe one of the best parts of the Holidays is the decorations.  Interior decorations are usually family traditions.  Growing up you probably remember decorating the tree, and the hanging the stockings from the mantel.  However, the one thing most people dread during the holidays is the exterior decorations.  Cold weather, ladders, broken bulbs, and so on and so on.

Good news, stop stressing out about those lights.  Have our highly qualified crews come over and create the lighting display you have always wanted.


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Topeka Holiday Lighting Services by Condray & Young:

  1. Holiday Lighting Design

  2. Holiday Lighting Installation and Removal

  3. Holiday Lighting Storage

  4. Holiday Lighting Warranty

Start with a design:  Have our in house Holiday Lighting Designer create a cutom light display, built just for you.  Endless options and high quality products installed by the best Holiday Lighting Crews in Topeka

Installation and Removal:  Let our crews endure the ladders and the cold weather.  Have your lights up and tested before Thanksgiving, and removed after the holidays are over.

Storage:  We can store your lights during the offseason.  Our crews will organize your display for storage so it will be ready for next season.

Warranty:  All of our lighting displays are warrantied for the entire season.  If your system is not working, just give us a call and we will get it fixed at no charge.

LED Holiday Light Displays

All of the products we use are of the highest quality.  You cannot purchase these types of quality products from any box store.  Every display uses LED lighting.  LED uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional lighting options.  LED also allows for longer runs reducing the amount of extension cords and adapters needed.  The Christmas classic “Christmas Vacation” tells you all you need to know about overloading a circut, but with LED the chances of overloading are reduced.


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